Buying a New Bike

Buying a new bicycle should never be a task that’s rushed into. With so many on the market, it’s not uncommon for riders to feel a little overwhelmed when deciding. Some might prefer a particular brand while others may be happy to consider purchasing any type of model – as long as it’s as functional as it is affordable.

Your guide to buying a new bike

When it comes time to buy, there are several things that you might want to think about. These factors include elements such as the price of the bike, the reputation of the manufacturer, the availability of any spare parts should the need arise and even the functions and features afforded by the model in specific.

Rather than diving in at the deep end, here’s a closer look at some of the most important considerations and how you can use them to your advantage to ensure that you pick the right type of bicycle for your needs.

The cost

Most people will go into their purchase with an idea of how much they can afford to spend. For some, this budget might mean that they will only be able to afford a particular type of bike – but for those with a little extra to spend, there’s no limit on what they might be able to afford.

The brand

A bike’s manufacturer or brand can give a lot of information regarding the quality of the particular model, or the entire range that is available. Some brands are well known for their high quality features and functions, while others are a little less reliable. Depending on your budget, you might want to avoid the lower quality options out there – to ensure functionality well into the future.

The reputation

Separate to the brand’s quality, the reputation of a company will typically extend to things such as their customer care and support, as well as how affordable their products are and other similar factors. If a company is well known for having a reliable customer service team then this can be a major benefit, but there are other things that can go toward a reputation – such as the way in which the business conducts itself when dealing with customers in general.

Spare parts

Although most bicycles are built with longevity in mind, it’s not always the case – and from time to time things can go wrong. When these events happen, plenty of owners are adept at taking care of repairs themselves and there are even those that enjoy nothing more than adding their own modifications to really make their bike unique. Spare parts should be easy to get hold of – particularly when modifying on purpose, but if you’re in doubt simply check with your local bicycle store to see how simple the parts can be to get hold of.

Features and functions

All bikes are on two wheels, but the type of wheels can make a lot of difference when considering the functionality. Some are better suited to off-roading while others are ideal for commuting and travelling inner-city from location to location. The wheels are just one feature of a bicycle, in fact there are tens of dozens more that contribute to the functionality of a bike that you might want to consider before deciding on a particular model – so, don’t forget to look at the colour combinations, your needs going into the purchase and of course, the overall shape of the bike you’d like.